Shiatsu Ostéopathie Kinesithérapie Cagnes sur Mer Nice

Therapeutic Shiatsu - Massage of 60 minutes - body, back, legs

Starting at: €60.00

Shiatsu - Wellness Massage of 1 hour Shiatsu Nice

Relaxation, massage lying down, one hour:
- Back, from the dorsal vertebrae to the sacrum,
- Whole legs, internal and external faces,
- Palmar Reflexology,
- Arms, external and internal faces,
- Reflexology.


Preparing for home visiting

Thank you to prepare at home the following items. We provide the other necessary accessories for the session.

  • Wear soft and light clothes, preferably of cotton and socks
  • a space of 1m50 x 2m30 or a bed or a Futon.
1. Visit

During our visit we can change clothes to maintain an optimum hygiene during the session. It is possible that we ask you to borrow your bathroom.

2. Interview and Checks

At our first visit, we ask you to complete a questionnaire of a medical type with your symptoms, when and how they started, if you have suffered medical treating, your profession and your lifestyle.
Feel free to ask any question or give us your concerns.

* All personal information that we collect during these sessions are only used during our visits, and will never be disclosed to third.

If necessary, we check your posture and joint mobility. The course of the session will be based on this information.

3. Session

The Session starts.

4. After check and information sharing

After the session we check your physical condition again, your joints mobility, your alignment, and share with you what we found in the practice of Shiatsu.

5. End of Session

Booking a subsequent meeting, payment, and finally we change our clothes again.
Preparation and maintenance are between 10 and 20 min before and after the session in total.
Massage à domicile Nice

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Shiatsu Ostéopathie Kinesithérapie Cagnes sur Mer Nice
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