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In season three s A Test of Friendship, he comes to Steve s defense by calling Eddie out for wanting to cheat on their chemistry test and tells him that he should have known the consequences. There, Carl effectively fills the father role left vacant by Robert s death. When getting into trouble or debt, Eddie would often try to solve the problem himself, refusing to confess to his father at the risk of being punished, which would likely land him into trouble with his father anyway. She had many boyfriends who would bully Steve and who would cheat on her, but would ultimately end with Steve warding them off. Rachel was Harriette s attractive and widowed younger sister. Science Teacher (played by Patrick Cronin; 1992–1994) – The science teacher at Vanderbilt High School. Worried that she may sell herself just to have guys date her, Steve teaches Vonda the dangers of making herself easy, and she learns to accept and respect herself more. In the pilot episode, he approached his father to make an exception and let him stay out past curfew, and confessed to his father that his straight-A report card was a classmate s prank once he found out sam sarpong dating. As revealed in Midterm Crisis, his fiancée Lois works as a stripper, although he is not too happy when Carl tells him about it as he already knew. He eventually promotes Carl to captain in season nine s Who s Afraid of the Big Black Book sam sarpong dating. She loved when Steve came to the Winslow house and instead of trying to make him leave, she wanted him to stay. Myra pairs up with Stefan Urquelle (Jaleel White) and both set out to win them back. Estelle would often say her catchphrase way to go, Carl, usually to Carl when he did something wrong that she did not like. While Myra became a permanent character soon afterwards, Ted was dropped after the season four episode Heart Strings, after he and Laura argued and broke up offscreen.

Judith Judy Winslow[edit] Played by Valerie Jones (pilot only), and Jaimee Foxworth (1989–1993). Like Penny, he had no patience for Urkel s antics and did not care for him at all. Little G (played by Gary LeRoi Gray; 1993–1995) – Richie s best friend. Sometimes he would even have relationships with more than one girl at the same time. From here, Myra s character regressed and devolved to an antagonistic role, competing with Laura for Steve s affections and pursuing Steve relentlessly, similarly to her early appearance. Carl is constantly annoyed, irritated and alway being bothered by his pesky neighbor, Steve Urkel, who has a very high level of respect for Carl, and affectionately calls Carl Big Guy. It is revealed in the episode Whose Man is it Anyway. Greta McClure (played by Tammy Townsend; 1995–1998) – Eddie s second serious and final girlfriend in the series, who first appears in the season six episode My Bodyguard , and another one of Laura s friends. Fitting into the cop stereotype, he has an avid love for doughnuts and other junk food. Eddie frequently had a stormy relationship with his father, especially concerning Carl s strict rules, but also because of Eddie s immature attitude and penchant for breaking rules. Alfred Looney (played by Tom Poston; 1994–1995) – Mr. Waldo s most famous trait was his dimwittedness and his uncanny ability to misinterpret a simple question, comment, or directive. During the early years of the series, he was a high school student with stereotypical traits of a high school slacker. Estelle moves into her son s household at the start of the series.

She became less persistent and less aggressive in clinging onto Steve, and Steve became more comfortable and welcoming with her. After Stefan returned in It Came Upon a Midnight Clear, Curtis and Laura broke up and he started dating Maxine several episodes later in Love Triangle. Harrison eventually joined the main cast in the 1992–1993 rencontre africaine france.
. Undaunted, Myrtle made her last push to win Eddie s heart by getting a makeover, but he was still not impressed. Eddie has shown to have matured and become more responsible and hardworking throughout the series. Once, after damaging the family car in the Season 2 episode, Busted , he was caught illegally gambling at an underground casino, hoping to win money and pay for repairs without telling his parents. After Steve decided to go steady with Myra in the season six episode Paradise Bluff, Myra s character calmed and developed and she began to fit together more comfortably with the rest of the main characters. His most enduring, successful, and ultimately final relationship is with Greta McClure. Richie is almost a year old in the show s first season, and was age-advanced to 3-years-old in beginning with the season two premiere Rachel s Place. In the ninth season, Steve and Myra grow apart. He is a short-tempered person, but still has a kind and humble nature. His catchphrases include: cool , no prob, Bob. Although once antagonistic towards Urkel, and even to Laura, he was one of Laura s few consistent and level-headed boyfriends, even seeking forgiveness for betraying Laura s trust and reconciling with her. .

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